Harindra Jayalal plays a key role as a popular and an award winning TV personality, a public speaker, a trainer and a compeer. During the year 2001 Harindra graduated in Philosophy & Psychology at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura while completing a research on “Employee Grievances and Positive Approaches”.

He successfully completed a certificate course in Management conducted by the World University Organization. Thereafter he completed his M.A (Masters of Arts) in Mass Communications at University of Kelaniya in 2005.

In 1996 he was appointed as a Broadcaster/Announcer by Lakhanda Radio being its 1st batch of communicators. In 1998 he was employed as a junior Executive Presenter / Producer at Tharu FM , Asia Broadcasting Cooperation as its 1st batch of employees too.

By the year 2000, Harindra became a TV presenter through Channel Eye with Miyurasa Dahara program. In 2001 he joined Swarnavahini TV as a presenter / producer and started to excel in his fabulous television career with many golden memories. In 2003, Harindra became foreign news editor apart from his presentation in news and programs. In 2006 he was promoted as the Manager Public Relations.

Consequently he was upgraded to Head of News in Swarnavahini. His main task was, Live at 8, Swarnavahini‘s main news bulletin to carry out to the number 01 position in the country’s television audience. He achieved that task in 6 months and since then Live at 8 is the People’s no: 01 news choice. He continued Live at 8 to better to best while winning many awards for many newest news concepts in contents and presentations.

As a TV presenter, he has conducted an innumerous number of national, social , multi cultural and promotional events as well as being a popular compeer in entertainment.. He presented more than thousand of news bulletins up to date. He became the best TV presenter and best TV news presenter several times with valued tokens to his credit.

Towards the success Harindra has followed training programs and workshops on Mass Media and News Gathering in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, South Korea and Thailand.

For the purpose of establishing an attractive, creative and effective presentation and public speaking culture Harindra Started Best Voice Media Academy in January 2012.Through the academy he conducts different type of workshops and training programs in the institute and island wide.

By now he has published 4 books in various fields such as Communication and Media, The way of improving voice patterns and pronunciations, How to be an attractive speaker, Dhamma Padaya in simple Sinhala.He has a mass response not only for the valuable contents of his books but also the attractive and creative written style of him.